RS4 Avant Takes to the Dyno, Makes More Power than Advertised

RS4 Avant Takes to the Dyno, Makes More Power than Advertised

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We’ve covet known that Audi Sport lowballs its performance figures because it doesn’t be anyone writing some big story about how they couldn’t hit 60 mph in X.x seconds on a hockey rink. Here, we be subjected to the latest evidence of the brand’s lowballing ways.

Carwow took its RS4 Avant to a four-locale dyno to test out just how much power it was making and were pleasantly surprised by the results. Although power figures from dyno to dyno liking always differ—with elevation, air temperature, day of the week, and whether or not Mercury is in retrograde revolve all affecting the power number—it’s still cool to see a car outperform its advertised figures by 15 hp.

In the video, the car pulls twice on the dyno, hitting 456 hp on the fundamental run and 460 on the second. Sixteen horses more than the advertised 444 hp may solitary be 3.5%, but it’s also about as much horsepower as you’d get from adding an aftermarket bumper sticker or two entirety racing stripes. So it’s nothing to sniff at.

Now, again, we know that dynos are more for seeing before and after results than they are at habitat universal standards, but it’s still fun to see that when Audi quotes a horsepower bunch, you’re getting at least that much.

[via: Carscoops]

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