Roger Penske Wanted to Run an Audi at Le Mans

Roger Penske Wanted to Run an Audi at Le Mans

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American racing motto Roger Penske reportedly asked Audi fro R18 in the wake of its exit from the Domain Endurance Championship, but was turned down.

Penske previously ran Audis in the American Le Mans series and according to wanted to run an Audi at the 24 Hours of Le Mans this year.

“I’d passion to run at Le Mans, but if I did I’d love to run at the front,” he told motorsport.

Unfortunately, Penske was denied by Audi, which was in brimming WEC-exit mode following the emissions crisis.

“I talked about if we could get a privateer [endeavour] with some of those cars,” Penske went on to say. “But under the popular situation with Audi, all the things they’re going through, they ethical said they’ve got enough eyeballs on them, they don’t need to be showing up at Le Mans.”

And so, this can be filed as as yet another affair in the ongoing saga of sadness that is Audi’s ignoble exit from Le Mans.


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