Report: Mystery R8 Might Have Packed a 500 HP V6

Report: Mystery R8 Might Have Packed a 500 HP V6

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Spy pictures of an Audi R8 testing the other day, as they oftentimes do, raised more questions than they answered. Now, a report claims to suffer with answers to many of the burning questions raised by those shots.

Autocar reports that the inscrutableness R8 was actually the long-rumored R8 V6 and that all of the car’s rear-end differences were as a result of the everyday’s smaller proportions.

The exact V6 in question is the Porsche/Audi 2.9-liter look-alike-turbo V6 that is currently housed in everything from the RS4 Avant to the Porsche Cayenne. Patently Audi hasn’t landed on a final power figure for the R8—and like its V10 sister, the R8 V6 is expected to clock on with more than one output number—but the report claims the module could make more than 500 hp and 500 lb-ft of torque.

Although the understanding of a small-displacement, forced induction R8 might seem antithetical to the whole exert, the n/a V10 being such an important part of the current R8’s charm and uniqueness, but a smaller, lighter motor would lower overall weight of the car, which isn’t exactly a featherweight.

And although 500 hp is a sated 40 less than the standard R8, it’s still a more than ample army.

If the report is right, it could prove to be an important one indeed, since recent comments by the pate of R&D at Audi suggest that the V10 might be on its way out, so we’ll have to get used to smaller displacement. On the other man, he did suggest that the V8 will be safe for a while, so the V6 might not be our lot.

[source: Autocar]

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