Q7, Q5, A4 Drive Audi Sales in January

Q7, Q5, A4 Drive Audi Sales in January

Q7, Q5, A4 Drive Audi Sales in January

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Audi USA has virtuous released the state of the business for January. And the state of the business is good.

The big numbers are amount sales up 9.9 percent from January last year, hitting 14,511 units sold. The billion of Audi dealers selling more than 100 cars in January has doubled to 14 since 2011. Foremos for buyers, warranty claims are down 30 percent in that same days and the number of Audis onthee road is up 76 percent.

Sales of Audi’s Certified Pre-Owned vehicles are up too. Hitting 4,114. That’s up 21-percent from January 2017.

While the all-out sales figures are up only slightly, the product mix is showing big changes.

Sales of the A3 were down 30 percent this year. The A6 was down 26 percent, and the A7 and A8 saw drops of 50 and 56-percent. The A5’s ell of the Sportback model saw sales jump a massive 426 percent, and the A4 was up 17 percent to 2,024 cars sold. Crossover and SUV sales, the Allroad, Q3, Q5, and Q7, saw gains between 12 and 19-percent.

The taste in A7 and A8 is likely partly due to waiting for new versions of the flagships to arrive, but it also reflects the inclination of buyers moving from cars to crossovers.

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