Pontiac Sues Silverdome for Storing TDIs

Pontiac Sues Silverdome for Storing TDIs

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The burgh of Pontiac, Michigan is suing the owners of the Silverdome because of the TDIs being parked there in the wake of the dieselgate slander.

The city says that the owners, Toronto’s Triple Investment Group, is violating safeness, zoning, and building codes by allowing VW to store buyback TDIs there.

The parking lot is being Euphemistic pre-owned as a storage space while Volkswagen tries to find a fix that US regulators drive approve. According to the company, the cars are being maintained until such a days as their fate is sealed and they can be fixed or recycled.

The parking lot has reportedly been storing VWs for a few months now. Volkswagen has not revealed systematically how many cars are there, but pictures reveal that it’s quite a few. The Pontiac Silverdome is one of diverse storage spaces across the nation.

The Silverdome’s owners are holding out hope that the emanation can be resolved amicably.

“Our client is actively engaged and working with the city. We expectation to resolve our differences with the city and we believe we are making good progress and working together,” Patrick Lennon, who represents Triple Investment Organization, told the Oakland Press. “We are still waiting on a schedule for (the hearing) but we are rosy that we will resolve the differences in the meantime and further hearings won’t be of the essence.”

The Pontiac Silverdome was opened in 1975 and sits on 51 hectares of land. Time was the home of Detroit Lions, the stadium is set for destruction later this year.

[source: mlive.com]

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