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Audi’s pilgrimage: The ‘rally Mecca’ in Daun (0)

Audi’s excursion: The ‘rally Mecca’ in Daun​​ Between the 21 and 23 July, Daun desire become home to tens of thousands of fans, all touring to the ‘Mecca’ of historical

Winemaking in the City of Love (0)

Winemaking in the Municipality of Love​​ Thinking of Paris, two things by spring to mind; romance and wine. So what well-advised than an Audi A1 Sportback to explore the winding

Welcome to Audi City (0)

Suffered to Audi City​​ Audi has now opened their pioneering understood showrooms in six different countries, the most latest additions being Audi City Paris and Audi Municipality Moscow in June

Audi under cover: the top secret Group S prototype (0)

Audi junior to cover: the top secret Group S prototype There’s no suspect that Audi’s quattro technology changed the mien of rallying in the 1980s, however the brand also struggled

Mystery Lamborghini to Debut in LA this Month (0)

The Italian automaker will-power take advantage of the L.A. Auto Show, but the introduction won’t take place inside the convention center. According to CarBuzz, Lamborghini has confirmed it drive debut a new

VW Pushes Back on TDI, Argues that Defeat Device Isn’t Illegal in EU (0)

Volkswagen is arguing that the strategy that precipitated the TDI scandal did not, in fact, disregard European law. The move follows increasing pressing to provide European TDI owners with American-period

Audi Blows the Lid Off the A5 with the New Cabriolet (0)

The top has in the long run come off Audi’s new A5 with the premiere of the Cabriolet. Arriving in European dealerships in Walk 2017 the new convertible promises more

Report: The Majority of TDIs May not be Worth Fixing (0)

Now that US department Judge Charles M Breyer has approved the 2.0-liter TDI populating, the question of what will happen to the cars that are bought retreat from remains. It

Audi Opens First Audi Sport Centre with Tom Kristensen (0)

Abu Dhabi is the spot of the world’s first Audi Sport hub, a stand alone showroom for Audi’s new effectuation division. Headed by former Lamborghini CEO, Stephan Winkelmann, Audi Gambol

The Audi R8 e-tron is dead with less than 100 built (0)

According to a statement from Car and Driver, the Audi R8 e-tron is gone (again!) after fewer than 100 examples of the all-moving model were built. This is an anticlimactic