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Audi of America Gets Best November Sales Ever (0)

Request for SUVs helped lead the Ingolstadt automaker to its 71st monthly sales register. Having sold more than 17,000 vehicles in the month, Audi’s new November transcribe is 2.5% higher

Audi Vehicle Packs Its Bags, Books Ticket to the Moon (0)

It’s a one-way plane, obviously. Audi has announced that its Lunar Quattro has a ticket to in on a moon-bound spaceflight booked for last next year. Refined, finessed, and now

Audi’s lunar rover is nearly ready for the moon (0)

Concluding year, Audi announced it was working on a lunar vagrant with a group called the Part-Age Scientists. Now the company says the design of its Lunar Quattro is unreduced,

Will Audi expand the RS range with new models (0)

Thinks Audi expand the RS range with new models It looks as if the hot Audi RS range will be experiencing a lot of vegetation in the next eighteen months,

Court Hearing for 3.0L TDIs Delayed (0)

A court hearing scheduled for today, to debate the settlement between Volkswagen and owners of 3.0-liter TDIs has been delayed. US quarter Judge Charles Breyer wrote in a court tidiness

Audi Beats All Brands in Auto Zeitung Awards (0)

The readers of Auto Zeitung saw fit to apportion Audi with seven awards in this year’s Auto Reminder 2016 competition. That’s the most of any sort included in the competition,

Neidfaktor Makes the RS3’s Interior Match its Performance (0)

Audi apprehend wild performance more than they do feral design. That’s not to say that Audi can’t draft, they most certainly can, it’s just that the disgrace’s cars have always

Audi Sport GmbH Confirms 8 New Models (0)

In a diss today, Audi officially announced that quattro GmbH thinks from now on be called Audi Sport GmbH and gave an perspicaciousness into how the subsidiary will operate. More

Audi Joins German Automakers to Build Massive European Charging Network (0)

Audi, Porsche, and Volkswagen are joining Daimler, the BMW Unit, and Ford to create the highest-powered charging network in Europe. The network last will and testament establish a standard charging

Audi’s Quattro division is now Audi Sport, and it has 8 new models on the way (0)

Audi announced today that its Quattro GmbH doing and technology division will officially be renamed Audi Cavort GmbH. The name change is the first since the segmenting’s introduction in 1983,