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Audi Sport GmbH Confirms 8 New Models (0)

In a diss today, Audi officially announced that quattro GmbH thinks from now on be called Audi Sport GmbH and gave an perspicaciousness into how the subsidiary will operate. More

Audi Joins German Automakers to Build Massive European Charging Network (0)

Audi, Porsche, and Volkswagen are joining Daimler, the BMW Unit, and Ford to create the highest-powered charging network in Europe. The network last will and testament establish a standard charging

Audi’s Quattro division is now Audi Sport, and it has 8 new models on the way (0)

Audi announced today that its Quattro GmbH doing and technology division will officially be renamed Audi Cavort GmbH. The name change is the first since the segmenting’s introduction in 1983,

Audi USA President Expects a Record Breaking 2017 (0)

This year has been correct for Audi, which has set sales records every month so far and Audi America president, Scott Keogh, doesn’t suppose that momentum to stop. Keogh predicts

EKS Takes World Rallycross Team Championship (0)

Mattias Ekstrom and his side of Audi S1s have officially won the FIA World Rallycross Championship’s span title. With that, the Swede tops both the driver and the band rankings

The Audi Adventure (0)

The Audi peril​​ If you could take a brand new Audi Q7, with the addition of a range of Audi’s finest accessories, out on the exposed road, where would you

A ‘Final Fantasy XV’ Audi R8 for one lucky fan (0)

A ‘Final Imagination XV’ Audi R8 for one lucky fan Audi and Square Enix entertain joined forces to create a truly incomparable Audi R8 that will surely be the resentment

Mattias Ekstrom’s Still Got Some Serious RX Racing to Do (0)

When Mattias Ekstrom took the weekend off racing in DTM in mid-October, it was with a prospect to winning the FIA  World Rallycross Championship. The Swede did ample supply to

Vanthoor Still Torn About Upside Down Macau Win (0)

Belgian Audi driver, Laurens Vanthoor, recently won the Macau Imposing Prix in the FIA GT Series from the roof of his car. Although this was Audi’s maiden win at the

Audi A4 Named Best Car for Big Miles by Top Gear Magazine (0)

The people who run the ink and legal papers version of Top Gear have named the Audi A4 “Best for Big Miles” in their BBC Top Accoutrements Magazine’s Best Cars