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Waterfest Moves to Atco Dragway (0)

Waterfest 24 when one pleases be held at Atco Dragway, in Atco, New Jersey. The summer event will grasp place at its new venue on July 21 and 22. Long

Another Forgettable Weekend for Audi in Formula E (0)

Everlastingly since entering the sport as a full race team this year, Audi has been struggling in Formulary E and this weekend was no exception. Audi failed to score any

Audi S6 Avant Caught Testing (0)

A few weeks ago we shared pictures of the A6 Avant testing in Europe, and now we keep pictures of its hotter sibling, the S6 Avant testing in similar conditions.

Watch: Hnnnnnngh Driving an RS4 Avant up a Hill (0)

I animosity them I hate them I hate them I hate them! Stupid Europe and its br beautiful switchback roads on which Audi RS4 Avants can drive. We’ve seen the

Q7, Q5, A4 Drive Audi Sales in January (0)

Audi USA has virtuous released the state of the business for January. And the state of the business is good. The big numbers are amount sales up 9.9 percent from

Bakkerud Joins Audi Team EKS (0)

Following yesterday’s ad that Mattias Ekstrom would no longer compete in DTM, the question of who would marry him for this season’s rallycross season needed an answer, the answer to

Get Ready for Some Great LEGO Car Kits (0)

The 2018 LEGO Briskness Champions sets have been revealed and race car fans should be on edge. Ford, Porsche, and Ferrari are all represented by this year’s LEGO Speed Champions

Audi Dominates IMSA TCR Class at Daytona (0)

Although the R8s were robbed of mastery in Daytona last weekend, the RS3s were on sparkling form. The little touring cars finished key, second, third, and even fourth for good

Audi Q3 Reportedly Set for 2018 Debut (0)

The smaller side of Audi’s lineup is set for renewal this year, with the Q3, A1, and SQ2 all reportedly on slot for debuts in 2018. That’s according to a

The Tortured Logic Behind IMSA’s Sudden Decision to Give an R8 a Crazy Long Penalty at Daytona (0)

The celebr Land Motorsport might be familiar to you, first because they race an R8 LMS GT3 and second-best because they are so dang good at racing it. After missing