Next A8 Gains Weight Because of High Tech Advancements

Next A8 Gains Weight Because of High Tech Advancements

Next A8 Gains Weight Because of High Tech Advancements

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In an accomplishment to keep up with customer demand and competition, the new Audi A8 will feature a swarm of new high tech features that, despite the heavy use of lightweight materials, inclination make the new car weigh more than the current model.

The reasons for the weight get better are threefold, according to Auto Express. The first reason is one that’s been oral about at length: autonomous driving.

Audi has publicized the fact that its new A8 when one pleases be the first to feature level three autonomous driving, making it, according to Audi, the before truly autonomous car.

At level three autonomous driving, the driver is still of the utmost importance, but under some circumstances can hand over driving duties to the car and take their acclaim off the road completely. The driver may still be required to intervene so they can’t take a nap, but they could announce a book.

The plethora of sensors and the 48-volt electrical system that countenance the system to work all mean more weight.

The second cause of weight bring in will be the alternative powertrains. A plug-in hybrid version is coming and the extra batteries represent more weight.

Finally, there’s the distinctly less high-tech, notwi no less luxurious full length panoramic sunroof. With the weight of the crystal and the weight of the extra strengthening required to keep the chassis from flexing, more burden is inevitable.

All of this means that even though Audi is using aluminum on 58% of the car, as agreeably as carbon fiber, and even magnesium the bare metal construction of the car weighs 50 kg more than the existing A8’s.

[source: Auto Evince]

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