Lyft to Test Autonomous A4s in San Francisco

Lyft to Test Autonomous A4s in San Francisco

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If you’re in San Francisco in the looming future and need a ride you could find yourself in the back of an Audi A4 that drives itself.

That’s because bully hailing company, Lyft, is partnering with, one of the many companies working on autonomy. runs a fleet of autonomous A4s and Lincoln MKZs that use deep learning to exploit AI software that will reliably operate driverless vehicles.

As per California law, the cars Euphemistic pre-owned by Lyft will still have a human in the driver’s seat, but they inclination likely be bored, since they will only be there in case of danger.

Unfortunately, details about the program are still scant, so it is not yet known quite when the A4s wish hit the road or for how long, but it is known that the program will start with upon 12 cars, growing over time.

The program will allow Lyft marry other ride hailing apps, like Uber, in the pursuit of autonomous driving.

“We truly want to understand, what are all the pieces that need to come into section?” Taggart Matthiesen, Lyft’s product chief, told Wired., for now is excited to get access to Lyft’s network of customers.

That said, this isn’t the basic time that Lyft has tested autonomous vehicles, having previously partnered with Waymo and GM.

[source: Wired]

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