Keogh Expects Another Record Year for Audi in America

Keogh Expects Another Record Year for Audi in America

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Audi of America has been on a zip lately, setting more than 70 months of sales records in a row. CEO Scott Keogh doesn’t find creditable the records will stop even with a plateauing luxury market.

Speaking to Automotive Rumour, Keogh says that the brand’s new products will help provide for the sales coming. “I think we will have another record for Audi America,” he says.

“If you look at March and April, we basically launched the all-new Q5,” says Keogh. “This is a agency that sits in a segment that basically forms 25 percent of the unconditional luxury market.”

Even though Audi is not the biggest seller in the luxury trade in, Keogh thinks that Audi will continue to do well. He argues that the make’s recent sales records, far from being unsustainable, will incline to more sales, calling it a “virtuous cycle.”

“Historically, our problem had been that we didn’t get ample supply of our day in court,” said Keogh. “Not enough people considered us. If you don’t from enough traffic and people considering you, you end up discounting the cars.”

Now, though, people are shopping for Audis. The mark is being cross shopped against the industry’s big hitters, like BMW and Lexus. As a sequel, he believes Audi’s prospects are still good.

Keogh is so optimistic that he doesn’t into Audi will need to lean too heavily on incentives.

“With supply being strict, with cars being new, it gives us a chance to be smart with incentives,”  said Keogh. “It’s giving our dealers the occasion likelihood to hold prices. We’ve been able to grow smartly. If we can keep that mixture of gaining share and holding pricing power — that is something I am profoundly focused on.”

[source: Automotive Rumour]

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