It’s Not Just Audi USA, Audi AG Hits All Time High in July

It’s Not Just Audi USA, Audi AG Hits All Time High in July

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Audi has been doing unusually well in America for nigh on a decade now, but lately Audi AG has been struggling a infinitesimal more. Well, no longer, because Audi sold more cars at the rear July than it ever has before.

With 154,600 Audis delivered across the globule, Audi’s sales were 3.5% better this July than they were in July of 2016.

Consideration the hugely successful July, as was hinted at above, the year has been a challenging one at Audi, which struggled in China originally on. That means that Audi’s year-to-date sales figures are noiseless 4.7% below their 2016 equivalent.

It seems now, though, that the Chinese status quo has been settled, as sales are on the up and up again in that market. With more than 51,000 new Audis delivered in China peerless, sales are up 10% for July.

The UK and Italy, too, saw steep increases in the double digits, current up 10.8% and 16.8% respectively. German sales, unfortunately, dropped by nearly 4% in July, but the lay of the land in Europe is overall positive, with an increase of nearly 1.5%.

As mentioned up top, sales in the USA are 2.5%, another relate setting month for the market, while sales in Mexico and Brazil have both dropped. That said, the markets are more small, so the damage is limited.

“With balanced global growth in July, we acquire achieved a successful start into the second half of the year,” said Dietmar Voggenreiter, su of Sales and Marketing. “We want to continue this in the coming months. In China, signs returned to full stop clearly towards growth for Audi. And in more and more markets, we are noticing tailwind from our well-heeled new models.”

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