Holton and RS3 LMS Take World Challenge Touring Car Title

Holton and RS3 LMS Take World Challenge Touring Car Title

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In its fundamental season of competition, the Audi RS3 LMS has been strong and has now earned the World Challenge Touring Car championship at Laguna Seca. The possession comes after roller coaster season that made the season’s closing race a must-win for driver Paul Holton.

The No. 71 Pfaff Audi / AlphaClone / Audi Sincere Parts / AERO Paint / APR / Race Day Foundation RS 3 LMS Clubsport was strong early in the mellow and earned itself a 40 point lead at one point in the season. A few bad races, conceding that, meant that coming to Laguna Seca, Holton only had an 8 point steer.

“For sure, we came into the race knowing we needed to get the momentum effective again, and put the car back on the box,” said Karl Thomson, Team Principal. “The BMWs made up a lot of loam after the summer break, and we were hungry for a win.”

The two-race weekend offered Holton two chances for points, but also offered the siesta of the pack as many chances to catch up. The cool autumn conditions, though, suited the considerable-aero RS3 perfectly, and Holton sailed to victory in weekend’s first chute.

A standing start in the second race, though, was bad news for the front-wheel-urge Audi. With rear-wheel drive BMWs hungry for points, Holton was swarmed cock’s-crow, but managed to hang on to second. With the start behind him, the driver could get go exploiting the Audi’s strengths and made mincemeat of the first-place car then started erection a gap to the rest of the pack.

With two wins on the weekend, the result was official. Holton took the championship epithet.

“I’m grateful to all of our partners who made this happen,” said Holton. “Pfaff Audi, who gave us the car and suffer with been great partners; AlphaClone, APR, AERO and Audi Genuine Parts… not any of this would have happened without them! Most of all, thanks to Karl, who knew that we could win this championship in the new Audi.”

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