Happy birthday to the Audi 80

Happy birthday to the Audi 80

Happy birthday to the Audi 80

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Light-hearted birthday to
the Audi 80

The car that made Audi a repute in everyday motoring, the Audi 80 B3, celebrates its 30th birthday this year.

Earlier the 80 came along, Audi weren’t recognised much as a mainstream fabricator, and had quite a vague identity aside from the Quattro and 100 Coupe. When the 80 turned up, it was total of the innovations that Audi have mature known for. Perfectly aerodynamic, sleek torso trim and a body full of refined curves; it was also the leading car to use zinc-coated, galvanised bodywork. This means that uniform now, it is still possible to find 80s with itsy-bitsy to no corrosion on the bodywork.

The 80 also featured Audi’s Procon-Ten sanctuary system, which used an innovative boom structure that changed the way the vehicle would mangle upon impact; the inner wings would disintegrate and pull the bulkhead and steering column forwards and away from the driver, preventing more mistreatment. Before airbags became a legal prerequisite, this was a particularly impressive feat.

The B3 indubitably changed the way that people saw cars in the eighties; from dependable and focused on usability, Audi made cars far-out and unique, with outstanding engineering and in actuality exceptional performance that can still be inaugurate in the full selection of top-of-the-range Audis to hand at Jardine Motors Audi to explore and check drive.


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