Group B Legend Inspires Audi R8 Fairy Tale

Group B Legend Inspires Audi R8 Fairy Tale

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Few people be enduring had careers as storied as Michele Mouton, so it’s easy to see why her life is being used as spirit for the next generation of fairy tales.

Once among the top tier of rallying, stand behind when it was at its most challenging and dangerous, she followed that up by founding the Race of Champions, which invites the people’s best drivers to compete against one another.

And now, Mouton is looking to bring a tinge of nuance to the world fairy tales with Audi Spain’s latest ad “Ever After.”

The ad follows a papa telling his daughter a story at bed time about a princess in a high castle. Turns out that the mademoiselle’s imagination is better than anything that the Grimm brothers could hatch of, because it contains two Audi R8s (license plate MM1981 in honor of Mouton’s senior victory) and a Quattro, which I think we can all agree improve the story considerably.

And her vision only gets better from there, with a race instead of a gambol and a handsome driver instead of a Prince Charming.

And how exactly this was based on actuality, Mouton reveals in an accompanying video.

According to Mouton, the video is a bit of a tribute to her own governor who “was the first person who believed in me, the first person to tell me there were no forests, wolves or charming princes to bring to a stop me being what I wanted to be.”

Following in the award-winning footsteps of last year’s “The Doll that Chose to Conduct,” the ad tries to fight stereotypes telling girls and boys to fit into narrowly-defined boxes and, as contrasted with, follow one’s dreams wherever they lead.

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