Future Audi Hybrids May Suggest the Most EV Friendly Driving Route

Future Audi Hybrids May Suggest the Most EV Friendly Driving Route

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Audi has filed a pal application for technology that would actively determine the most efficient driving carry for a plug-in hybrid vehicle.

The patent is for a navigation system that would fix on the best route for maximizing the range of a hybrid car’s battery. The system would profession in unison with the drivetrain and adjust the route based on the situation at hand. For illustration, if the battery were depleted, the route may be different than if it were at a full protection. The system would also offer the driver the ideal route if they after to travel under electric power alone, or give them a route that would better earmark the combustion engine to charge the battery.

In theory, the efficiency-minded navigation structure would allow drivers of plug-in hybrid vehicles to complete the majority of their trip at the mercy of electric power alone more often. Audi says the majority of half-breed drivers prefer to travel under EV power only when possible, so this tech would be a allowed addition to plug-in hybrids of the future. Unlike some patents for future tech, this one seems plain enough to implement, so don’t be surprised if we see it on an Audi plug-in sooner rather than later.

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