First Ever GS Series All-Female Team will Race Audi

First Ever GS Series All-Female Team will Race Audi

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Daytona is current to be extremely busy this week, but among all the rolling thunder there will-power be a first. For the first time ever an all-female team will race for the plaid flag in the Grand Sport class.

The racers are Ashley Freiberg and Gosia Rdest, whose surname is missing at least one vowel. The partner will race one of Audi’s brand spanking new R8 LMS GT4s for the 4 Hour Continental Tire SportsCar Dispute in Daytona on Friday.

“I feel very privileged and honored to drive progress for women in motorsports,” said Rdest. “I include always thought that it’s not the gender, but the passion, endurance and hard profession that are the mainstay of any winner.”

The pair comes to the event with no shortage of encounter. Rdest finished first at the Dubai 24-hour race just two weeks ago racing in the GT4 type. Freiberg, meanwhile, was the first woman to win an overall race in Daytona in the Continental Drain SportsCar Challenge.

“Women are few and far between in motorsports, so the opportunity to join an all-women get with Audi is really exciting,” said Freiberg. “I think we’ll be a hefty team, not because we’re female, but because we’re drivers that are all set to do the job well.”

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