Find of the Day: 30,000 Mile Quattro

Find of the Day: 30,000 Mile Quattro

Find of the Day: 30,000 Mile Quattro

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Burst the piggy bank and buy some tickets to England, cause we’ve found a beautiful, low mileage ’91 Quattro.

This Tornado Red, Turbo, 20 valve Quattro from the UK is all kinds of splendid, but the real appeal here is that it has just 32,233 miles on the clock.

With the relatively janky nature of motorsports in the ‘80s, and rallying’s requirement for cars to drive from leg to leg, it’s not unthinkable that there are actual Group B Quattros with more miles than this one.

Okay, perchance I’m getting a little excited, but this is described as a “very fine sample” and has only had two “former keepers,” which is an equal parts fancy and creepy way to give an account of owners.

It is admittedly far away. And there would probably be a lot of work involved in bringing it invest in to the States, and even if you did you wouldn’t able to pass cars because you wouldn’t superior to see around them, but look at it!

The car is selling at classic car auctions UK on September 23 and original estimates have it going for £35,000 to £40,000 ($45,000-$50,000-ish), which, am I crazy, or does that feeling pretty reasonable?

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