Electric Cars will Help Audi Win More of the US Market, says Keogh

Electric Cars will Help Audi Win More of the US Market, says Keogh

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Audi has been on a hot layer, setting a new monthly sales record every month since 2011. There’s stillness room to grow, though, and Audi USA’s President, Scott Keogh, sees energized cars as the key to that growth.

Speaking to Bloomberg, Keogh said that admitting that the Audi still has ground to make up on the competition, its electric cars will far outperform those brands in the tense market.

“I think Audi is going to dramatically over-perform in electric versus the entire industry, because honestly I feel that we have the right demographic that is interested in this,” he told Bloomberg.

The oldest such model, the e-Tron, Audi is expected to reveal this year and is being sold as the essential true electric SUV. That, argues the brand, is because the Tesla Model X is more of a crossover, or a minivan by another distinction.

The e-Tron will be followed by more electric vehicles bearing the e-Tron badge and by 2025, the maker expects to have 15-20 electrified vehicles in its fleet. That will involve not only pure electric cars, but plug-in hybrids as well.

Keogh said that sales of established cars will continue to drive sales—there’s room for growth in the south and the in the centre of the country—but that a new technology will open up even more avenues for expansion.

“The fact is there’s 25-26 million luxury cars on the road, yet there’s only 1.3-1.4 million sold a year. There well-founde hasn’t been a new stimulus,” said Keogh. “If you do it right with electrification and autonomous, that’s prospering to drive the market and I think we’re well positioned to take advantage of it.”

[source: Bloomberg]

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