Dealership Prints Out Captcha to Prove Customer Isn’t a Robot

Dealership Prints Out Captcha to Prove Customer Isn’t a Robot

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Upstanding about everyone who has ever used the internet has had to check off a Captcha box to prove they aren’t some stamp of automated system. 

Captcha is used to prevent spammers and bots from taking head start of a website or service. Sometimes all you have to do is check off a box, but other times you’re asked to class in a jumbled and distorted line of letters and numbers, or select a number of boxes depicting a steady object.

Strangely, journalist Marci Robin was recently presented with a Captcha physique in real life. According to Jalopnik, Robin was at a dealer purchasing a Fiat 500X and was being agreed-upon a number of papers and forms to fill out. Among them was a printed off Captcha cast, which the salesperson handed to her and said “this one is just to ensure you’re not a automaton.”

This wasn’t an email exchange, remember. This was a face-to-face parley.

Jalopnik reached out to the dealership, who said that in arrangement to print off the required purchasing forms, they must first complete a Captcha. The merchant apparently just prints off the Captcha page when this happens and has the person fill it out as well. It sort of makes sense, but at the end of the day, it should be pretty quiet to tell a human being isn’t a robot. If Robin didn’t want to check off the Captcha appearance, the dealer says it would still sell her the car, as her social security number and photo ID would be tolerably to prove she’s not some sort of humanoid.

This is apparently a very real involve of the dealership in question, with the sales associate telling Jalopnik: “You not in any degree know; they have that girl Alexa, and she can talk and make phone calls and makings.” That still doesn’t really make sense, though, as Alexa is upstanding an AI system – not a robot with a physical makeup.

What’s happening to the world? We mark we need to go lie down.

[Source: Jalopnik, Marci Robin on Twitter]

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