Charging Gets Clever with e-tron Connected Home

Charging Gets Clever with e-tron Connected Home

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Assortment is one of the biggest anxieties people face when considering an electric car but when you th about it, the anxieties actually lie around charging. So Audi is getting to work on making retreat charging smarter.

Working together with SMA Solar Technology and the Hager Gathering, Audi wants to optimize charging to reduce cost, environmental impact, and duration.

While the time it takes is a thorny issue, Audi argues that best part of all charging will happen at home. To improve your e-tron’s charging expedition, the brand is offering an optional connect charging system that will deceitful output, as compares to a standard outlet, to 22 kW

The thing about increasing generate, though, is that a home doesn’t have endless power to send out, so Audi wants to secure your charging system to wifi a home energy management system (HEMS) that desire allow the car to make decisions about when and how best to charge and how to avoid overloading the organized whole and killing a breaker.

Firstly, the HEMS system can prioritize charging at off-peak hours to stunt the cost of filling your e-tron. To make sure that you aren’t caught out, admitting that, the car can factor in your daily routine to make sure it charges however much is life-or-death before, say, 8:00 am when you leave the house for work.

It doesn’t end there, yet, because Audi has also partnered with SMA Solar to include solar panels in the charging set. Not only will the system implement charging prioritization tricks similar to those listed in the sky, it can use wifi to check the weather to plan ahead for storms and cloudy weather that could quit you without a full charge.

“In keeping with our premium quality standards, we miss an electric car that fits seamlessly into the intelligently connected home, to yield genuine added value for the customer,” says Fermin Soneira, Head of Produce Marketing at Audi. “That is why we have teamed up with the two leading suppliers of hospice energy management systems, the Hager Group and SMA Solar Technology. That brings extreme charging convenience.”

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