Autogravity Adds Audi to List of Lending Deals

Autogravity Adds Audi to List of Lending Deals

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A new retinue is trying to make it easier to buy or lease a new Audi.

Autogravity is a startup that wants to press it easier to buy or lease a new car. Yesterday, it announced that it is adding Audi Financial Services to its roster of lenders.

Autogravity works by getting in the middle of your buying transaction. You toil with them and they do the hard work. You pick the car you want, the dealer you desire, and then Autogravity takes care of the financing work. You enter your report and the site gives you up to four loan offers for a purchase or lease.

It eliminates diverse of the variables of new car buying before you even enter the showroom. No more worrying if you make the grade for that 0.9-percent interest rate or any rate at all. You know before you get there. And because Autogravity gives you a monthly payment based on MSRP you discern how much you should be paying.

You can still negotiate a better price at the dealer, but you both cognizant of that you’re approved and at what rate.

The new announcement means that Audi Business offers will be available to customers looking to buy or lease a new Audi.

“This partnership puts Audi Fiscal Services at the forefront of the digitization of the car buying and financing experience,” said Charles Moore, chief digital office-bearer and senior vice president of marketing and business development at Audi Financial Services.

The partnership gives Audi greater access to end younger buyers, and it gives Autogravity more choice in the finance offers it can coerce to Audi customers.

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