Audi’s Self-Driving Concept Gets Almost 500 Miles on a Single Charge

Audi’s Self-Driving Concept Gets Almost 500 Miles on a Single Charge

Audi’s Self-Driving Concept Gets Almost 500 Miles on a Single Charge

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Audi is embracing a self-driving later.

The German automaker has been actively testing self-driving cars all everywhere the world and at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show, it is presenting the Audi Aicon. It’s a four-door, 2+2 concept that features no steering wheels or pedals, emphasizing that it previews an autonomous Audi of the to be to come. According to the automaker, the Aicon should be able to cover between 435 to 497 miles (700 to 800 kilometers) on a individual charge.

It’s arguably the best-looking “robot taxi” we’ve seen, with a sports-car like mien that even teases what a four-door Audi R8 would look like. It measures 17.9-feet hunger, 6.9-feet wide, and 4.9-feet tall. Underpinning the concept is a 11.4-foot wheelbase, which is 9.4 inches longer than the Audi A8.

As a self-driving car, the Audi Aicon features opposed doors that uncovered to the front and rear, removing the need of a B-pillar. The exposed interior is spacious, while removing the steering at and pedals give a sense of openness and expanse.


The two front seats are designed for pinnacle comfort and optimal spaciousness, said Audi. Passengers can slide them up to 19.7 inches (500 millimeters) bankroll b reverse and forth, between the forward and rear positions. Each individual seat can ball-and-socket joint by up to 15 degrees, which means the seats can be turned outward to make it easier to get in and out of the carrier, or inward so passengers can talk and interact more easily.

Powering the Audi Aicon are four galvanizing motors that combine to produce a total of about 349 horsepower and 406 lambaste-feet of torque. As you might have guessed, there’s one electric motor powering each situation, allowing for electronically-controlled, variable quattro all-wheel drive. Audi emphasized that acceleration isn’t the zero in with the powertrain, but rather maximum efficiency for increased range.

Along with previewing its self-driving technology and how Audi envisions its tense vehicles for the future, it’s also showing off new charging technology on the Aicon. There’s a towering-voltage system with 800 volts, allowing the Aicon’s battery entity to be charged to 80 percent of its capacity in less than 30 minutes. In an AI Territory, it will be able to pull up to a charging station on its own, charging its battery without weak assistance.

“The Audi Aicon is an all-arounder well prepared for its primary reprove: to offer a maximum of comfort, communications technology and freedom for its occupants during a hunger journey,” said Audi in a press release. “It combines the scopes for autonomous driving in an urban surroundings and on the highway with an unprecedented range for an electric drive. The Aicon will be followed by too multitalented Audi models, each with their own specialized discipline, ensuring that the conveyance range of the brand with the four rings remains as diverse as it is fascinating.”

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