Audi’s E-Tron Escape

Audi’s E-Tron Escape

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To boost their E-Tron electric car line, Audi has put together an escape room.

It’s barely in Spain for now, but the E-Tron room is a high-tech escape room for three to five people. The side is tasked with discovering the location of a doctor who has disappeared.

Escape rooms are manufactured rooms where puzzles, clues, and cryptographic items are used to help a team win the challenge and escape the room. Can’t crack the puzzle? You can’t leave. Until the time runs out, at least.

In the Audi stay, there aren’t any secret parchments or keys, but there are robot arms, holograms, projections, and other tricks including gesticulate controls. And neon. Lots and lots of red, blue, and cyan neon. The E-Tron allowance scenario gives players a look at what the future might look like if it was powered solely by intensity.

The E-Tron room opened in Barcelona October 7th, and will be there until the 26th. After that it moves to Madrid from November 9th to the 30th.

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