Audi’s Biggest Batch of E-Gas Ready for Testing

Audi’s Biggest Batch of E-Gas Ready for Testing

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Audi is content to start testing its biggest batch of synthetic e-gas, now that they have done made enough for engine tests.

Audi’s e-benzin e-fuel is a watery isooctane made from biomass. It’s a synthetic fuel that’s not made from unpolished oil or ground-extracted natural gas. The two-part process produces isobutene from a biomass seed, then adds hydrogen to turn the isobutene into isooctane.

With arrogate from Global Bioenergies S.A., Audi now has the largest batch of e-gasoline ever produced. It’s a 15.9-gallon quantity. Enough for one tank in most cars.

Audi is now testing how it burns and how it performs in emissions testing using tangible engines. The fuel is sulfur free and benzene free, which helps impel it low in pollutants from combustion. The high-purity fuel also has good anti-bang properties. That lets Audi boost compression for more efficient combustion.

Audi says that the another fuels help reduce CO2 emissions from combustion engines up to 80 percent. The work partners are hoping to modify the process so it no longer requires biomass, and instead gets CO2 and hydrogen from renewable sources.

A new guide plant in Dresden is working to help produce around 106,000 gallons of Audi e-diesel per year for diesel cars and SUVs, dollop to reduce emissions from diesel vehicles as well.

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