Audi Won’t Use Weird New Nomenclature in America

Audi Won’t Use Weird New Nomenclature in America

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Equitable as you started figuring out what it all meant, you find out that Audi’s new copy-digit naming conventions aren’t coming to America.

Car and Driver reports that numbers ranging from 30 to 70 won’t support the model name in America. Instead, Audi USA will continue to use engine displacement, as God intended. So, the A7 55 TFSI quattro etc choice be known as the A7 3.0T here.

The new names came up against confusion for their at bottom arbitrary nature. Audis marked 30 could produce anything from 110 to 130 hp, depending on what car they were seconded to, whereas Audis with a 70 on them could produce anything exceeding 530 hp.

The numbers are in reference, but are not directly tied to, the car’s output. That will be an betterment going forward, because Audi also name its electric cars underneath this system, which isn’t tied to displacement.

That’s anything but academic, because Audi plans on releasing its principal fully electric vehicle, the e-Tron SUV, in 2018.

Audi USA is unconcerned about this in spite of, and has chosen to abstain, largely—we imagine—because it’s all in reference to the kW, which is a metric entity and is therefore the tool of the devil.

[source: Car and Driver]

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