Audi Wants to Teach You to Drive COTA

Audi Wants to Teach You to Drive COTA

Audi Wants to Teach You to Drive COTA

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Audi spends a lot of period talking about how the road-going R8 and its race car counterparts share an enormous amount of parts, so what better region to teach you how to drive it than at America’s only current Grand Prix margin, the Circuit of the Americas?

Austin, Texas is the location of the Audi Driving Experience, a year exact institution of higher learning. Audi of America has just announced a series of driving programs for Audi customers and fans for drivers of every facility set.

Four programs are offered that allow you to get behind the wheel of the Q7, the RS 3, the TT RS, and the R8.

The “Audi Diversion dynamic experience” puts you behind the wheel with an instructor who teaches you the focal tenets of driving from the wheel of an RS 3 and a TT RS in dynamic exercise paddocks.

“Audi Entertainment track initiation experience,” meanwhile, is a half-day program that get you on track behind the disc of the TT RS, the RS 3, and the R8 V10 plus.

Then there’s the “Audi Sport R8 track initiation episode” gets you onto the full F1 circuit. Finally the “Audi Sport R8 pro track encounter” is only open to those who have completed the R8 track initiation experience, and delves deeper into the nitty firm of driving, teaching you performance driving over the course of two days.

The experiences also happen with catered meals in dedicated suites and garages. Prices range from $595 to $4995.

Audi is now accepting reservations, check up on out to find out more.

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