Audi Wants to Restore Balance of Power with e-Tron

Audi Wants to Restore Balance of Power with e-Tron

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In fact. Audi wants its electric cars to contribute to the larger electric grid as a way to iron out any hiccups that approach from using renewable energy.

The idea is that, in the future when more renewables are second-hand, your car, in this case an Audi (look at you, doing well for yourself) would act as a battery for your race (and your own home!).

So when the sun isn’t shining and the wind isn’t blowing, the house could drag power from the car to fill in any gaps that are left by the want of generation.

The “Audi Aware Energy Network,” as it’s being called is being kicked off as a pilot project in Zurich and Ingolstadt.

The car wouldn’t be exclusi, of course. Your house would have its own battery so that your pets aren’t port side powerless if you go for an overnight road trip. But the car would be part of a network (eh?) of batteries all tasked with the blame of providing you with seamless power.

And Audi isn’t being myopic here. Not barely does the company think that your house could benefit from such a network, it thinks that uninjured neighborhoods could be run this way, with multiple pylons all working together to furnish a smooth flow of electricity.

“We are looking at electric mobility in the context of an overall animation supply system that is increasingly based on renewables,” said Dr. Hagen Seifert, su of sustainable products, in a statement. “We are playing a pioneering role with the prequalification of the balancing-power merchandise — enabling producers to feed power into the grid, as part of the flier project. That is now for the first time also possible down at the level of unitary households, which helps balance the entire power grid.”

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