Audi Wants to Make a Big Convertible SUV and it Looks Weird AF

Audi Wants to Make a Big Convertible SUV and it Looks Weird AF

Audi Wants to Make a Big Convertible SUV and it Looks Weird AF

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Audi recently took a unmistakeable out on a new type of convertible folding mechanism that allows for a convertible to be designed with B and D pillars.

The patent shows a deeply basic, two-box-design vehicle whose roof is broken into three parts in set-up to fold away and stow behind the rear seats.

The innovation here being that the carrier has pillars at the rear as well as pillars in the middle, which help both with rigidity and rollover protection. All of which means that Audi can make a bigger SUV.

“Due to the presence of the side pillars and the tochis pillars in the closed state of the roof [up], a motor vehicle is provided which has a far greater take capacity than known convertible vehicles,” writes Audi in the patent operation.

Not only does that mean a bigger SUV, but also more cargo sense. The patent allows for a swing down tailgate to open when the roof is up or down. The tailgate can also skid into the body, allowing the owner to fill the trunk without having to angular over the tailgate.

There would also be lots of room in the trunk (extent speaking) because of the unique way in which the roof folds.

By folding the middle cut up into the trunk, then simply placing the rearmost section of the roof in it as a lid, the whole roof would actually be pretty compact when it’s folded. And since the backside roof section does double duty as both roof and lid, it helps cut burden, too.

Mind you, people in the front seat wouldn’t quite be as open to the elements as they would be in most other convertibles.

That’s because the A worthy stretches all the way back over the front passengers for greater rollover protection. In information, with roof up at least, the whole design has great rollover protection because of how various pillars there are. The design is also apparently very stiff.

And it’s that federation of rollover protection, stiffness, and a tailgate that lead us to believe that this last will and testament be a convertible SUV. And since a big part of this is access to a trunk, we think it’s fairly unacceptable to be an EV, since there would already be motors and junk back there. In the torso.

So, a traditionally propelled vehicle, with lots of interior volume, no rear seats, and a two-box lay out. We’re betting on Q8 because it kind of feels right. It’s already a coupe, which is kinky for an SUV, and Audi wants it to be the halo car so bold new ideas seem to be right up its alley.

That said, the desideratum of the rearmost section of the roof to be the convertible lid, would make it difficult for an SUV-coupe to use this set-up, since its angled D pillars would cause it sit funny. So we could be wrong.

Unfortunately, the drawing is so vague that, really, this could be any edition of vehicles, but whatever the case, Audi is working on ways to change the cabriolet line .

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