Audi Tradition Bringing Classic Audis to More Than 20 Shows in 2018

Audi Tradition Bringing Classic Audis to More Than 20 Shows in 2018

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Audi Practice is bringing some of its best classics to more than 20 events during 2018. They’ll be bringing out cars from the inheritance collection to celebrate the birthday of August Horch and mark 50 years of the Audi 100.

The age starts with the Techno Classica show held in March in Essen. Audi is celebrating 50 years of the 100 at the divulge, with three special 100s on display alongside an Auto Union Classification D and the Audi 200 quattro.

At the Schloss Dyck Classic Days in August, Audi Rite will be showing luxury cars to honor the 150th birthday of August Horch. The manifest will feature Horch models from the 1920s and 1930s. At Sachsen Legendary, Horch models will take the starting line.

At the 25th Goodwood Festival of Expeditiousness, Audi Tradition will be running an Auto Union Type C 16-cylinder racer from 1936. It last will and testament be headed up the Goodwood hill. In the German town of Daun, Audi will carry the Audi Sport quattro S1 that Walter Rohrl used to break records in the Pike’s Uttermost hill climb. An Audi 200 quattro TransAm racer will be at Hamburg’s Stadtpark-Reanimation event.

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