Audi to build two electric SUVs in Germany

Audi to build two electric SUVs in Germany

Audi to build two electric SUVs in Germany

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Thrilling cars are growing more and more popular with each passing year, and after the moneymaking launch of its e-tron electric SUV in Brussels, Audi is under more pressure than still to build in countries throughout the EU.  In response, Audi has promised to build two new models, the e-tron and e-tron Sportback, at its predominant plant located in Ingolstadt, Germany.

New Electric Models

Union workers at Audi’s foremost plant in Ingolstadt were understandably upset when the manufacturer decided to generate its electric SUV in Brussels instead of in Germany. The workers unions have been working with Audi to try to guarantee job security for their workers and finally managed to secure an agreement with the car producer through 2025.  The biggest win, though, is that the Ingolstadt site will be producing two new all energized SUVs by 2021.

The Long Term Goal

Audi’s long term goal is to create 25 partially or fully electric vehicles by 2025. At least 10 of the projected models choice be 100% electric.  The e-tron is supposed to be a rival to the Tesla Model X — a fully exciting car with all the creature comforts you could possibly want.

Audi is trying to depart away, as best it can, from the traditional gasoline engines. They’re planning on having a full 1/3 of their sales report in from electric or hybrid electric vehicles by 2025.

Eventually its electric vehicles will-power be built in their factories all across the globe, including their sites in Mexico and Hungary, but for now the undertake for the first two electric models belongs to the main factory site in Ingolstadt.

Now, we hold on with baited breath for Audi to release information and specs for its new electric vehicles.  We’ve seen the concept art, and now we’re in effect curious as to what these cars and SUVs can actually do. Will it have a fast acceleration or a driving range that rivals Tesla? We’ll just be undergoing to wait and see.

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