Audi to Adopt Valeo Stop/Start Tech in RS5

Audi to Adopt Valeo Stop/Start Tech in RS5

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To Audi Sport, makers of powerful hedonism-machines, isn’t immune to the pressures of nuclear fuel economy.

A new report from Reuters suggests that Audi Sport commitment introduce Valeo’s start/stop system to the RS5. Neither Audi nor Valeo would remark for the story, though.

Audi would be the first German premium brand to use Valeo’s methodology in its lineup.

The RS5 is rumored to be using Valeo’s older, more expensive, more efficacious start/stop system: i-StARS. First introduced in 2004, the technology helped enlarge Valeo’s $4.6 billion propulsion systems division.

Valeo figures imply that the system is good for fuel savings of up to 15% with similar CO2 reductions, something that is extraordinarily much on the mind of Europeans, as cities look for more and more ways to cut air polluting on the continent.

[source: Reuters]

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