Audi Tire Center Now Offer Track Package for TT RS

Audi Tire Center Now Offer Track Package for TT RS

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Nothing in automotive way of life is as important as tires. Nothing, unless everything above the tires is a 400 hp Audi TT RS, then that’s comely important, too.

But if you want to squeeze every drop of performance that can be extracted from Audi’s latest searing hot sports car, then you’ll desideratum some good rubber and Audi Tire Center wants to do just that with the Monitor Package.

The package includes lightweight forged 9.0×20” wheels that roll in wrapped in Pirelli PZero Corsa Asimmetrico 2 AO 255/30R20 (92Y) tires.

Designed specifically for a closed confines, the aptly named Track Package will help you hustle around your municipal track or put those Miatas to shame (not that you needed help) at the local autocross.

The wheels put in an appearance with the tires on them and the TPMS sensors ready to go, and the package costs $5,750.

With your local Audi Tire Center to find out more.

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