Audi Tattles On Itself Over Possible Dieselgate Leftovers

Audi Tattles On Itself Over Possible Dieselgate Leftovers

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Audi is recalling for everyone 5,000 European A8s after discovering they were releasing excessive nitrogen oxide emissions.

It’s the identical NOx gas that got VW into trouble back in 2015, it involves the vehicle’s software, and Audi went out of its way to despatch the cars to Germany’s Federal Motor Transport Authority before saying it was anxious about the “possible illegal manipulation of emission levels.”

The recall also pertains to 4,997 A8s equipped with V8 diesels built between 2013 and 2017. Our judgement is that these were simply overlooked during the initial crisis or the fabricator noticed they were producing too much pollution and doesn’t want to get caught with its pants down a following time. Either way, Audi played it smart and safe on this one.

Recalls probable won’t officially begin until the first-quarter of 2018, after the company has tested the nearing solution. If so, the manufacturer will then issue a software update on affected models.

“Among other things, the update should make safe that after cold starts the engine more quickly reaches optimal operating conditions for the ov-gas treatment system so that its emissions are improved in real driving conditions,” an Audi spokesperson told Reuters. “During the testing, it resolve be ensured that the new software has no disadvantages for customers in terms of fuel consumption or acting.”

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