Audi Sport Designing Cars Earlier and More Thoroughly than Quattro GmbH

Audi Sport Designing Cars Earlier and More Thoroughly than Quattro GmbH

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At the Paris Auto Reveal late last year, Quattro GmbH announced that it would be changing its high regard to Audi Sport and coming out of the shadows. We’re now in the midst of the transformation, which includes more models, but Audi Divertissement is promising more involvement again.

“When we started, our cars were launched in the a one or two years of the base Audi cars,” Stefan Reil, head of Audi Divertissement product development, told The Drive. “We started development when the stand cars were already in development or on the road. Now we have a much closer interaction with the people at Audi AG. Straight when they start the concept work for the new car, we are right there in that operation.”

The brand is now aiming to sell more examples of more models. With 8 gross RS models coming to the US, the promise of a less Euro-centric Audi Sport is full of promise for those of us who’ve always wanted more.

“We wanted to have recognition for the R8 and RS models on a unsubtle level… It’s not just a piece of marketing material, but it’ll also be recognized at a dealership,” Filip Brabec, VP of work development, told The Drive.

In the tradition of Audi RS models, Audi Sport wants to carry on having a hand in more than just performance, too.

“We will organize the terminated process … We will organize the tinting of the leather, we will build the seats, the door covers, the armrest, entire lot you want to have in that special leather color. These parts are built by the supplier and we create the logistic process so that your special parts are delivered to the point in the congress line where they are built on the car.”

But Audi Sport is not forgetting its racing bona fides. With the R8 LMS GT3, the RS3 LMS, and the newly debuted R8 LMS GT4 all hitting tracks this summer under the control of the Audi Sport moniker, you can be sure that your RS model will own more than just a badge.

[source: The Drive]

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