Audi Set One Big Sales Record and 12 Littler Ones in 2017

Audi Set One Big Sales Record and 12 Littler Ones in 2017

Audi Set One Big Sales Record and 12 Littler Ones in 2017

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It shouldn’t go about a find as a surprise given the clockwork headlines of monthly sales records, but Audi of America outdid itself in 2017, stage set a new annual sales record.

With more than 225,000 vehicles sold, the mark sold nearly 8% better than it had the previous year, itself a note-setting sales year.

“I’m pleased with our record setting performance in a too small market and proud of our dealers,” said Scott Keogh, Audi of America’s President. “Audi continues to steadily and constantly execute a strong business model in the US and we will continue to do this by delivering the products and technology consumers thirst for.”

The sales strength is down to a number of cars, but the biggest gainers this year were the Q5, Q7, and A5 that were up 16.3%, 25.5%, and 155% singly.

The big story, though, as always, is the SUVs. With up 51% for the year, the bigger vehicles are a prodigious contributing factor in Audi’s success. It is worth noting, though, that the A5’s rising sales bucks the energy trend away from sedans.

As Keogh indicates, the dealerships pulled their pressure. With 60 dealerships selling more than 1,000 vehicles this year, that mass dwarfs the 2011 number (18), when Audi’s sales momentum started.

And it hasn’t unprejudiced been customers, the critics have fallen in love with the cars, too. With the most IIHS Top Refuge picks of any luxury brand, and Car and Driver and Kelly Blue Book awards, the Audi memento cabinet is bowing from the weight.

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