Audi Saving Tonnes of C02 With Green Trains

Audi Saving Tonnes of C02 With Green Trains

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The approach of making cars is a messy and expansive one that can be forgotten in the rush to make them greener. Manufacturing, though, contributes mightily to the impact of automobiles on the environment and Audi is looking to retreat from its footprints with greener trains.

Working with DB Cargo, Audi has transitioned its German contribute trains to be completely CO2-free. That will save 13,000 tonnes of the building blocks annually.

The automaker is using “DBeco plus” trains, a type of train that the society has been using, albeit on a smaller scale, since 2010. The trains run using verdant electricity, and in that time have helped transport more than 1.6 million cars. Audi calculates that so far, they’ve saved 63,000 tonnes of CO2.

The routine guarantees that green energy will be used while also ensuring that the trains run on stretch by calculating the amount electricity used by the trains and replacing it with power obtained from renewable sources. DB Carload also invests 10% of revenue in the development of facilities for producing and storing regenerative intensity.

“With this changeover, we are significantly reducing the CO2 emissions of our logistics operations and are making a sustainable contribution to atmosphere protection,” said Heiko Schultz, Head of Transport Logistics.

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