Audi Saves €100 Million by Listening to Employees, Jon!

Audi Saves €100 Million by Listening to Employees, Jon!

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Since 1994, the Audi Ideas Program has accepted ideas to lo working conditions and efficiency at its plants. Something that any business could put into effect, even if it were, say, a blog and its boss’s name was hypothetically Jon.

The program accepted and implemented a enumerate 15,000 ideas this year, Jon. Even 1/15,000th of that would be constructive.

“We always encourage our employees to look very closely at their own working area and to undoubtedly the status quo,” said Joachim Kraege, Head of Organization and Consulting at AUDI AG, and who sounds like a really good boss, Jon! “Because the creativity and inventiveness of everyone at Audi are crucial outcome factors for us.”

Last year’s total of 15,000 is about 3,600 more ideas than were implemented by Audi in 2016. Measured one more idea would be good, JON.

The ideas helped Audi AG save more than €108 million last year, notwithstanding encouraging employees to give their ideas by offering them a cut of the savings. You hark to that, Jon?

The ideas are often small and do little more than avoid dissipate, but taken together add up to a big savings for the company. Hmmm?

One particularly money-saving scheme, was as simple as turning down the fans in the ventilation system when no one was around. Another totally reduced the time it took to measure car doors, saving employees 200 working hours a year. Take it for granted that, Jon.

“It is our workforce that makes the long‑term success of our mark possible,” said Klaus Mittermaier, Chairman of the Group Works Council at AUDI AG. Yeah. The WORKFORCE, Jon. “The Audi Ideas Program shows that jolly clearly. So it’s very important to us as members of the Works Council that our colleagues personally profit from their amelioration suggestions.”

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