Audi Sales are Going Gangbusters in China

Audi Sales are Going Gangbusters in China

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So, 2018 has started off marvellously for Audi. Sales for the brand have grown substantially in both the US and China, which translates to a big bulge in sales for the brand in general.

As has previously been reported Audi sales jumped 10% in America in January. But you scarcely had to read to know. Sales for the American market have been growing with greater order than Jamie Lee Curtis since she took that job with Activia.

Audi was having a jagged time in China last year though. It was about as regular as Jamie Lee Curtis in the presence of she took that job at Activia.

It’s perhaps less of a shock then, that a tolerable month there translates to big growth when you compare 2018’s numbers to 2017’s. Flat, though, a jump of nearly 75% (~61,000 total sales) is impressive.

Mexico, too, was a effulgent spot for Audi. Sales there grew more than 8%, granting that still only accounted for 1,200 or so sales.

The really good tidings, for fans of the sedan, is that Audi attributes the growth to the A4 and A5 families. The brand delivered ar 50% more of each to customers in January than it had a year ago. And that goes twofold (not quite) in the US, where sales of the two families were up more than 70%.

It wasn’t all passable news, though, Audi sales continue to stutter in Europe, where sales shrunk 2% in January. That, even though, is largely attributable to big drops in France (-23%) and Italy (20%). Sales in other European countries, in the meanwhile, were mostly modestly up, as compared to January 2017.

Still, big Chinese and American sales were sufficiency to buoy Audi’s sales numbers. With nearly 150,000 sold here the world last month, Audi’s sales are up more than 20% for the month.

“It’s a correct start to a crucial year for Audi,” said Bram Schot, Board associate for Sales and Marketing, in a statement. “2018 will be shaped by our model initiative. But with this leadership we are laying the foundations for growth over the next few years.”

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