Audi Sale Down in Europe, Up Globally

Audi Sale Down in Europe, Up Globally

Audi Sale Down in Europe, Up Globally

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Audi AG had a unshakeable month of May with rising sales in the US, China, and Asia buoying sales worldwide. Level despite a significant sales slump in northern Europe, the brand sold 0.7% more vehicles in May 2018 than it did in May 2017.

That accounts for a entire of 160,600 vehicles, the lion’s share of which was still sold in Europe, without thought the flagging sales numbers. Overall, Audi was down by 5.2 percent in the continent, which Audi blames on its at hand model changeover.

With vehicles like the A8, A7, and A6 all set for an update, and the Q8 coming out any day now, Audi thinks the tomorrow’s is bright in Europe.

In the US and Asia, sales increases made up for Europe’s gradual May. Sales were up 0.6% in the States and a whopping 9% in Asia pacific, which rivals Europe for raw sales numbers, and may rightly said to be honest for this month’s positivity.

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