Audi Quality Set to Improve with New Virtual Master Jig

Audi Quality Set to Improve with New Virtual Master Jig

Audi Quality Set to Improve with New Virtual Master Jig

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No, Audi’s new Essential Master Jig isn’t the latest dance craze hitting the Ingolstadt underground, it’s one of a slew of new machines that is allowing the mark to improve quality control.

The Virtual Master Jig is the centerpiece of this new array of tools. The jig takes up inhumanly the space of a two-car garage and is made up of two robots that can look nearly anywhere on a car up to the expanse of an A4 and check shut lines, the accuracy of surfaces, and more.

The machine is currently on the contrary being assessed by Audi’s quality assurance technicians, but a giant photometric measuring chamber—whatever that is—allows the machine to run quality tests without touching the car. That’s amazingly important when it comes to soft materials, like rubber seals, because it means the shape’s touch doesn’t affect the tests.

Audi believes that quality vow tests will also be much more thorough with the virtual sovereign jig because it can capture up to 20 million measurement points, as compared to the 6,000 of the stock jigs it uses now. And the new jig will capture all those measurements in about half the days of the old one.

It’s not just the master jig that is helping quality, highly accurate 3D modeling means that superiority assurance can start two and a half years before production starts. That’s a vast improvement on the scant ten months they got beforehand.

An electrified jig is also working on the interiors of cars, too, to impel sure that interior quality, fit, and finish are all improved, as well as the electronics that are an increasingly urgent part of the car.

These last improvements, says Audi, will be available for check on the upcoming A6, which you can watch rounding the Nurburgring here.

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