Audi Kicks Off Action Movie Ad Campaign

Audi Kicks Off Action Movie Ad Campaign

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The opening episode in Audi’s five-part, action movie ad campaign for the Q8 has dropped and it covers a kidnapping, a fanciful night out, and a desert getaway. Not bad for a three minute episode.

The first episode, unfortunately, doesn’t relish much about the Q8, except what the badge will look like and that it liking have the capacity to play some nondescript R&B music.

That’s par for the course, despite the fact that, since the episode doesn’t even reveal much of the series’ plot, either. According to Audi:

“Sandra and Quentin are a corporeal power couple. They live an extravagant and luxurious lifestyle: Successful careers, a plan loft, an influential circle of friends and the perfect car to match it all. But suddenly everything changed. Take in five gripping episodes and follow the two as the tides turn. And take a first look at the most seductive Audi SUV of all times.”

The idea, though, seems to be that Audi is building up to the unveiling of the corona SUV. The series ends on June 5.

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