Audi Has Already Made 50 R8 GT4s

Audi Has Already Made 50 R8 GT4s

Audi Has Already Made 50 R8 GT4s

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It seems that Audi has something of a hit on its hands and they’ve been churning out examples of the R8 GT4 competition car with startling pace.

Only a year after they first introduced it at the New York Cosmopolitan Auto Show and started production just a few months ago but has already produced 50 of these purchaser race cars.

Like the R8 GT3, the GT4 is a track-only hardcore race car designed to let surreptitious teams and drivers experience the thrill of a race.

The GT4, though, shares 60% of its parts with the roadgoing R8 (fairly than the GT3’s 50%) and is generally a little slower and a little softer because it’s designed for a type of racing that embraces the amateur spirit.

Although production cars be suffering with gotten us used to crazy high volume, the R8 GT4’s roughly one-a-day rate of completion is provocative for race cars and may have something to do with it being built in the same plant as the roadgoing R8.

“We take pride in this achievement of being able to increase the race car in such close combination with the production model,” said Audi Hold up to ridicule production head Wolfgang Schanz.

The popularity might be down to the car it’s based. The R8 is, after all, resplendent. And it might be down to the reasonable price.

“We offer the ready-to-race pattern at a price below 200,000 euros,” said Chris Reinke, head of fellow racing. “In return, the teams receive a new race car in premium quality, as the one-two league win of the Audi R8 LMS GT4 by customer team Phoenix Racing in the 24-hour race in Dubai in January proved.”

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