Audi goes prehistoric with new T-Rex ad

Audi goes prehistoric with new T-Rex ad

Audi goes prehistoric with new T-Rex ad

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Audi goes primeval
with new T-Rex ad

Audi have truly leaped out of the box with their latest ad, potent the story of a sad T-Rex finding happiness with Audi’s piloted driving in an RS 7 concept.

The video follows a T-Rex as it is mercilessly mocked online for its diminutive arms and the challenges they present, later becoming depressed and staring despondently out of the window in ideal movie montage fashion. He then sees an Audi in the window of an Audi Town, and the scene cuts to a very happy dinosaur enjoying the benefits of Audi piloted driving technology.

The advert uses intelligent emotional investment with light touches of raillery to get its point across, and while the finished outcome appears effortless and smooth, the behind-the-scenes making of the video was far from seamless.

The biggest testing that the team faced was making the T-Rex surface authentic, as Florian Zachau, head of VFX at Sehsucht, explains: ‘The biggest confront was to make the dinosaur look depressed. A T-Rex is a very stiff character and there is not a lot of variety on mimics and gestures the animators can use in structure to bring out that sadness. The interview spot in particular wasn’t easy; even albeit no one actually knows what a talking dinosaur looks like, it is something we do not class as a natural behaviour. It’s a very thin slash between making it look natural and not bungling.’

Audi have shown their friendliness for highly automated driving several times in the years, etching the four rings on the top of a salt lake with a driverless Audi TTS in 2009, and driving laps on the Hockenheimring in a piloted Audi RS 7 Sportback in 2014 to esteem just two instances. As the automotive world moves closer and closer to autonomous driving, Audi are constantly leading the way to driverless cars. Both the Audi TTS and RS 7 Sportback are at with the complete Audi range at Jardine Motors Audi today.


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