Audi Gives Bloggers a Blind Tasting of the A8L

Audi Gives Bloggers a Blind Tasting of the A8L

Audi Gives Bloggers a Blind Tasting of the A8L

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Some of the more perceptive among you may have used your detective skills to determine that Audi is preparing to shoot a new car. Those among you with the investigational skills of Poirot may even be aware that it’s an A8. Sufficiently, Audi has yet again dropped hints about its upcoming limousine.

This heyday, though, the test was a little different. Since this new A8 is supposed to be as luxurious as the Eastern Express, the quality of the materials on offer is important. So Audi invited some German bloggers to don a blindfold and judge what the lap of luxury is like.

With high quality leather, real metal, and grained wood, the bloggers were treated to a sensory occurrence, without, it seems, having even been told what brand of car they would be testing.

Car Natives’ Tom Schwede said that he crouched in face of the car, “blindfolded in front of a car and feels the car body. Thanks to the four big rings that my hands on quickly, there is no doubt which car is in front of me.”

Inside, Schwede writes that the leather is “incomprehensibly pliable,” adding that he can feel the grain of the wood (which hides even behind the center armrest) with his fingers. Then his shoulders are massaged from the promote seat.

“I’ve never had such a sensual encounter with a car,” says Schwebe. Audi, it seems, impoverished the bank when they chose the materials for the new A8.

Expect to read all about the materials and to for all see the car in its entirety next Tuesday, when it premieres on July 11 in Barcelona.

[source:, words translated from German by Google Transmogrify]

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