Audi Gets Top Score in AutoGuide Lemon List

Audi Gets Top Score in AutoGuide Lemon List

Audi Gets Top Score in AutoGuide Lemon List

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Audi and Porsche finishing sooner and second wouldn’t have been an uncommon result in the WEC last year, but this year we’ll from to be satisfied with the brands finishing first and second in an initial quality examination.

Our sister site AutoGuide recently collected data from a wide-ranging group of automotive forums to figure out which was the least lemony.

“Using proprietary software and commonplace language analysis, the data is pulled from conversations between users, then far refined to determine which of the mentions are legitimate complaints about lemons – not to be sure actual cars titled as lemons,” write the AutoGuide editors.

Audi had lawful one lemon mention per 100,000 brand mentions, while Porsche had only 1.3 mentions. Alfa Romeo, weirdly was the third most desirable brand, with just 2.2 lemon mentions. Volkswagen, meanwhile, was a tiny farther down the list, but still above average, with 6.7 mentions per 100,000 users.

On the other side of things, Hyundai did the worst of any maker in the survey, with 87.1 lemon mentions per 100,000 brand mentions. Cadillac, Infiniti, and Jaguar, meanwhile, were the next worse, all in the mid 50s.

On normally, brands had about 19 lemon mentions, meaning that Audi, Porsche, and VW all did nice-looking well, although they were helped an awful lot by Hyundai-the-outlier.

The numbers are borne out here by other watchdogs, like Consumer Reports who push 86% of the Audi’s lineup.

Take a look at how all the brands did below.

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