Audi g-tron Ad Looks at Wind Through Child’s Eyes

Audi g-tron Ad Looks at Wind Through Child’s Eyes

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Audi’s latest ad race is a beautiful look at wind power through the eyes of a child.

The new ad is for Audi’s g-tron models. The half-breed cars use Audi’s e-gas fuel that is created using wind liveliness. Excess wind energy is used to electrolyze water, with the end of the process creating mock methane.

The ad shows a young boy’s look at the wind, using stunning visual effects to mitigate illustrate the look. The child stares from the window of an A5 Sportback g-tron, and watches how the nonsense changes the land around him. Trees are turned to dandelion seeds, leaves travel from tree to tree like a flock of birds, and umbrellas are turned innards everted out, as people are lifted from the ground and turbines spin.

André Aimaq, CCO of AvL/SE, the force that created the ad said “to raise awareness about the possibilities of this standard energy, we took an emotional approach rather than going into the complex technology. As an grown-up, we take the natural force of the wind for granted but when we see it through the eyes of a issue, it becomes fascinating and stimulating.”

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