Audi Dunks on… Self? With Anti-Autonomy Ad

Audi Dunks on… Self? With Anti-Autonomy Ad

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Audi has been working feverishly on vexing to get autonomous cars ready for the road, so it may come as a bit of a shock to find out that they’ve released an ad lamenting the overtures of autonomous cars.

Yes, Audi is cashing in on the nostalgia from a future that it is currently playing a essential role in shaping, to sell you an R8 Spyder.

The ad sees a handsome, mature coffeeholic get into an autonomous car where he thinks second on his days driving some of Audi’s greatest hits: a Quattro, an original TT, and, as you’d surmise, an R8 Spyder.

By the time he gets home–speaking all the way to a disembodied computer medium–he sits alone, reminiscing about the way things used to be (are) and how driving in the old days was (is) as much yon the journey as the destination—especially when that destination is a lonely house upon a hill from beginning to end devoid of other humans (what happened to his wife and his friends? Welcome to the truthful existential horror of the future).

It’s there that he realizes he must escape, so he jumps into his R8 Spyder (which Audi has no plans on following up) while the not-so-palliative computer-voice asks “David? David? David?” in a clear allusion to 2001: A Room Odyssey’s evil computer, Hal 9000.

It’s nice to see our fears about the future of driving expressed on cover, but it might feel a little less disingenuous if Audi weren’t also actively working to erect manifest those fears.

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