Audi Considers “Possible Alternatives” After Mercedes Exit from DTM

Audi Considers “Possible Alternatives” After Mercedes Exit from DTM

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The DTM cosmos was shocked yesterday when one third of the entrants in the top German touring car series announced that it would not advance back to race in 2019.

Mercedes instead will focus on a Formula E entry, leaving not two manufacturers (as of this moment) in DTM in 2019.

If no one takes up the mantel, that would leave at best Audi and BMW to race against each other, which would take away some of the request of the elaborate German grudge match.

For its part, Audi still sounds like it’s committed to the series.

“We be remorseful over the decision of Mercedes-Benz to retire from DTM,” said Dieter Gass, managing director of Audi Motorsport. “For Audi, being part of international top touring car diversion is a vital part of its works motorsports strategy.”

Despite that, he admitted that the consequences of Mercedes’ settling are not yet clear.

“We now have to analyze the new situation with everybody involved to light upon a solution or possible alternatives to DTM,” said Gass.

For the moment, though, it looks like the meet is getting hotter in Formula E for Audi. The brand recently celebrated its decision to mature the first German works team on the paddock, though that was quickly followed by an bulletin from BMW and now Mercedes.

So for fans of inter-German competition, the days of Audi whooping BMW and Mercedes haven’t draw nigh to an end.

“We welcome Mercedes’ entry into Formula E,” said Gass. “It shows the import of the electrical series when now all three German premium brands have committed to racing there.”


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